THE TEACHER EXCELLENCE AWARDS recognize excellence as an ongoing investment into the life of a Canadian Christian school community and a positive public contribution to the common good. Being shortlisted for the Teacher Excellence Awards is an indication of a particular educator or school community’s reputation for giftedness and excellent practice.

Launched in 2016 by Cardus and the Christian School Foundation, the awards were originally named for and sponsored by Sarnia business leader John Rozema, esteemed for his commitment to both local and global issues, and for his support of educational institutions.

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There are five possible Teacher Excellence Awards for 2020.

Please note that in previous years the categories have been subject-based, however, we are now awarding in the following categories:

Kindergarten – Grade 4

Award Value: $1,000

Grade 5 – Grade 8

Award Value: $1,000

Grade 9 – Grade 12

Award Value: $1,000

Global Perspectives

Award Value: $1,000

This award recognizes excellence in the integration of global perspectives in the classroom. In particular, teaching and learning practice that integrates what we can learn from and offer to communities in other nations. Service Learning projects are not eligible in their own right for this award unless they are integrated into the subject curriculum.

Lifetime Achievement

Award Value: $1,000

This award recognizes excellence over an extended period of time. Nominees should have at least 20 years of experience and the focus of the application portfolio will rely more on examples of innovation and testimonies of impact. While the rigour criteria will be more difficult to document, preference will be given to nominations which illustrate a contribution to the craft and the status of the teaching profession.

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Nominations must be submitted by April 20th, 2020.

All submissions are considered final. The Award sponsors will not comment on forms or provide individual guidance to nominees.

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